Tribal Nations Health Briefing: 2017 Presidential Transition

In January, the National Indian Health Board released a “Tribal Nations Health Briefing: 2017 Presidential Transition” handbook for American Indian and Alaska Native leaders.

From the handbook:

“With every new Administration and Congress entering Washington, DC, Indian Country must invest in comprehensive and
vigorous education efforts to ensure policy makers have the requisite knowledge about Tribal health needs, Indian health care
delivery, Tribal governance and infrastructure, federal duties to Tribes, and most importantly, Tribal health priorities. Over the
last several decades Tribes have made major improvements in the government-to-government relationship and the
acknowledgement of the federal trust responsibility for health. In the coming weeks, months, and years it is critical that we
build upon these successes to continue providing outreach for Indian health priorities…The following transition document represents Tribal priorities developed from extensive consultation and collaboration with Tribes and Tribal organizations. Included are additional resources, talking points, and other information that will be helpful to you as you reach out to and engage with Congress and the Administration on these and other critical issues facing Indian health today.”


Click here to download the full handbook.